About Rob Few


Rob Few is an award-winning communications professional and photojournalist based in London.

His work has appeared in galleries and in print and online media in the US, Europe and Asia, including the BBC, The Sunday Times, Marie Claire, Dateline and The Bangkok Post.

Rob also works regularly with a wide range of UN agencies, the IFRC and NGOs worldwide to highlight human rights issues and abuses.

Rob has a BA in Classics from Cambridge and an MSc in International Development from Bath.

He is available for assignments anywhere in the world.


The photos here are divided into two main collections:

DOCUMENTARY contains documentary and editorial photography. Most of the features tell a story, and so the photos and captions should be viewed in order. This section is generally about things going wrong.

UN//IFRC/NGO ADVOCACY is similar in style but showcases UN and NGO projects with photo essays designed for advocacy and fundraising. This section is generally about things getting put right.